PRSA Greater Fort Lauderdale Chapter — Membership

By joining the PRSA Greater Fort Lauderdale Chapter you are being given the opportunity to network with hundreds of other professionals in our industry right here in your own backyard. PRSA strives to make sure that you are provided with the tools to network with other like-minded individuals including our yearly Membership Directory; showcase your talents at our PR Olympics and keep abreast of the trends, technology and changes in our industry through our monthly events.

PRSA is designed to meet the needs of veteran professionals who need to learn new ways to reach their audiences, young professionals who want to connect with others in their age group and newcomers who are looking to make build their database of mentors. PRSA brings together corporate communication professionals, entrepreneurs, media specialists, vendors, media professionals and agency teams to about each other and from each other.

Become a Member of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chapter Today and Get Access To:
• Hot topic updates, good company, and lots of networking opportunities through our monthly events
• The exclusive local Greater Fort Lauderdale Membership Directory
• Our invaluable Job Bank, which focuses on both local and national positions
• APR mentoring sessions, to help you take your career to the next level
• Subscriptions to national, industry-focused publications such as the award-winning Tactics and Strategist and the Public Relations Journal.
• National Web Seminars on pressing changes in the industry
• Opportunities to exchange RFPs with other national members
• One-Source Directory, featuring PRSA member services which include a guide to PR service organizations, and a directory of the PRSA Counselors Academy
• The PRSA Professional Resource Center, including industry case studies
• Leading industry awards programs, including the Anvil Awards
• Reduced rates at national and regional conferences, and national vendor discounts


Download the Membership Application at

For more information on how to become a PRSA Greater Fort Lauderdale Chapter member, contact our membership chair, Lauren Dunaj at

To register for an upcoming meeting, click on the Events navigation tab. For registration questions, please e-mail our president, Christie Caliendo, at

For more information on PRSA membership, benefits and services, please visit the site. If you have additional questions on the application, contact Member Services at (212) 460-1400 or

Membership Categories
You may join as a Member or as an Associate member. Members and Associates receive the same benefits. PRSA membership is not transferable unless joining as a group; see applications for details.

Local Chapter Fees
Members and Associates fees are $35.

Associate Members & Members 

With less than one years’ experience in public relations, join as an Associate Member 1 with $115 national membership dues.

With one to two years' experience in public relations, join as an Associate Member 2 with $155 national membership dues.

With two to three years' experience in public relations, join as an Associate Member 3 with $200 national membership dues.

With three years or more experience in public relations, join as a Member with $255 national dues and $65 initiation fee.

Group Membership
Groups of eight or more individuals from the same organization receive special benefits and discounted rates on first year dues. Benefits only available to groups include one annual invoice and the transferability of memberships. Although a group membership may include current members, at least six members of the group must be new to PRSA or lapsed members of more than one year.

Group members may be in various locales. Each group member receives all PRSA member benefits. For more information, please e-mail .

Retired Member
Members who have retired from full-time employment may switch to retired member status if they are working less than 20 hours a week without the intent of returning to work full-time and have been a member in good standing for five or more consecutive years. Individuals may not join PRSA as retired members.

National dues for retired members are $50 per year. Retired members continue to receive all member benefits. Chapter and Professional Interest Section dues are additional.

Become a member today: